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The Access Expo

Variety Village, now Variety Ontario, is organizing a two day event called the Access Expo, which is an exhibitor conference for companies that have products and services for any individual that is interested in accessibility, inclusion, mobility, sport, fitness and healthy living. The goal of the conference is to bring corporations and not-for-profits together with the community they serve. Our mission at Variety is to build and support ambassadors for inclusive communities, so we are excited to be able to realize our mission through this Expo.

There will be an opportunity to showcase the latest in product innovation for products that are life essentials and/or life-changing in transportation, home modifications, communication devices and products, and services for all ages. Everything from accessible car seats to accessible jewellery will be on display. The not-for-profit sector is offered a reduced rate so that they can highlight the community services that are available.

In addition to the opportunity to showcase the latest in new technologies and services, vendors will have a chance to network with each other and the community. It is a growing community. The Rick Hansen Foundation recently published a study in which one in ten Canadians identified themselves as having a disability while 36% of Canadians know someone with a disability. The survey continued to ask individuals if they have concerns about mobility issues in the future and two-thirds of respondents said they were slightly to very worried. Respondents identified accessible buildings as a top priority; however, we know first-hand that an accessible building does not guarantee an accessible culture within the building. An accessible culture recognizes that modifications and adaptations are not an expense but an investment in supporting the broader community so now is the perfect time to check out the Access Expo.

There will be a job fair so that individuals seeking employment opportunities can find out what is available. Representatives from the retail, banking and services sector will be available to discuss open positions and take resumes. 

Variety Ontario is looking forward to the Access Expo because every day we see people that improve their mobility, fitness, skills and quality of life because of access to new equipment, opportunities and greater awareness. The Expo will be free to the public and in addition to the latest and greatest product design, participants will have access to guest speakers, events and product demonstrations. The event will host a circus performer that will delight all ages and after seeing the exhibits, attendees can quench their thirst with a local ale from Brock Street Brewery.

The event will take place on June 6th and 7th here at Variety. It is also a PA day for the kids at the Toronto District School Board so be sure to put the date in your calendar and come to Variety. It will be a great time to learn about all the new products and services that are available and it will be a great way to meet members of the community.

Learn more about the Access Expo including event and exhibitor details by visiting:

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